A Child's Anticipation

Kids are pretty predictable when it comes to having expectations. Based on past experience, what friends say, what they hear from family, commercials they may have seen on television or heard on the radio. But what they don't anticipate is that Santa may not arrive.

Maybe this is the year that Santa has contracted Covid-19? If you are one of these parents who has been crushed financially and just cannot swing a gift or stockings with items from Santa and his elves it is MORE than ok to take a pass. Mrs. Santa is busily attending to Santa keeping him warm, hot soup and singing him songs. The elves are busily working in the shop creating items for next year. After all, there will be a next year!

There is so much pressure on parents, grandparents to create the all wonderful Christmas. Really what these kids need the most...is your love, your laughter, your hugs, and togetherness as a family.

After reflecting on the year almost behind us, i come away with the fact that living in the moment is hard work. We are so busy planning, for tomorrow. All our tomorrows preoccupy our day to days. So this is my gift to you all, in reminding you to savor your moments with these precious little ones...feel and live in their heartbeats, they are such magical beings, and they revel in your love. That is the gift of the season.

Stay well, be safe and wish upon a star for a better 2021 ahead.



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