Created a storybook based on lyrics from a song!

About the Author

Kitt Chapman, now retired and focusing on songwriting, was an Early Childhood Educator. She has always loved music. At the age of six, she began her classical training on piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music. At summer camp, she taught herself the guitar around the campfire. She sang in the church choir, played the cello and violin in high school, and dibbled a dabbled in miscellaneous other instruments, including the flute and the harp. After raising her three wonderful children, she had time to pursue songwriting. Asked what inspired her to write songs, she commented, “I thrive on creating music and lyrics, ultimately to enhance storytelling. Preschoolers have such a vivid imagination, and to be able to tap into that space brings me much happiness. If I can engage and develop their musicality, even briefly, I feel I’ve succeeded in my quest.” Parents and teachers alike are moved and delighted by the lyrics and melodies of Kitt’s children’s songs. There is a balance of education and fun. Another port for this prolific songwriter is adult focused. Ranging from instrumental to lyrical compositions, her themes imbue a respect for humanity and nature. Kitt’s latest project was creating, producing and hosting a children’s radio show, for kids aged ten and under, called KittsKids.RadioRomp. She enjoyed working on her radio show a great deal, but has since dedicated her time to creating new releases both for little kids and beyond. To follow Kitt and her music, please visit webpage: SPECIAL is the first ‘sing-along’ book Kitt has published. We are hopeful there will be many more to come!

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