Kudos to our Kids

If anything this global pandemic has done, it’s showed us how our kids have shown resilience in so many ways.

Their worlds were turned upside down. Literally.

No longer able to run off and play with friends at the playground, visit one another’s homes, attend extra curricular activities, visit grandparents, to being allowed...with masks...then no masks...then...now...

Guidelines continue to change.

From physically attending school, to remote learning, back to school-oops, no...better stay back home...then...now...

Guidelines continue to change.

Then...they did not need to worry themselves on vigorous hand washing routines, social distancing, having to carry, wear, change up masks, or fear of what they may or may not come into contact with or what virus they may or may not be sharing.

Now...day by week by month changes. Parents, teachers, caregivers, are exhausted from doing all in their power to balance the chaos, the changes, challenges, to keep a cheery disposition in more than hellish times.

If you have kids at 🏡 home, getting through each day is your focus. It’s like 5 steps forward-3 back. Repeat...repeat...repeat.

I am a grandparent and sadly cannot get onto an airplane to visit and spend time with my little changelings. My hopes remain high to one day see them again. Zoom, calls & greeting cards are weak substitutes.

But, these kids who have been tossed into this frenzy of global upheaval are in their own right the little soldiers of the 21st century.

Kudos to our Kids!

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