Recording Artist For Kids

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Songwriter and recording artist for kids

A recording artist performs her songs in a studio-like setting to record the music to release it later into the public. I, Kitt Chapman, am a recording artist for kids, which means I do not perform my songs in general, but instead, I record them in a studio then release them later to the public through the various platforms I have. I am not a performing artist. I am a recording artist for kids. I compose both music and lyrics for children and record them for kid's entertainment. Kids enjoy listening to both music and lyrics. Lyrics provide a relaxing mood for the children, helping them relax their minds after many hours of playing, and many other activities. Music teaches children as they learn the words, sing after me, and imitate the moves and the actions of the videos. It is easy for children to learn both lyrics and music, and they love it when they are revolving around learning since they are still discovering the world they came into.

As a songwriter for kids, I focus on writing songs that are relevant to their growth. I write songs that relate to the age of the kids since different ages consume different content. I group my songs into the ages of zero to two years, then group them into four, five, and the other-year-old enabling parents to pick the right music for their kids according to their age.

It also enables kids to watch and listen to music relevant to their level of growth to trigger kids' minds to work in a certain way and produce the desired results for their age. For example, a two-year-old will enjoy watching a video on potty training because that is the stage they are currently in, and it will motivate them to do it as encouragement. However, a six-year-old will not enjoy the same song as he is past that stage of life. That is why I have always grouped my songs according to their age limit to help kids.